A Little About Me…

Wife, Mother, Grandma who is dedicated to family, and loves photography. Nature and landscape photography is my specialty.  Photographing my grandchildren makes my heart sing.  Just knowing I’m capturing moments that turn into memories – even the little things, the messy, the beautiful, the loving, the crying, everything about childhood is my goal when capturing them.  I don’t want to forget anything about them or my time spent with them.  My main purpose is to leave my children and grandchildren with my footprints in life. To document my life and all the things that help make me me in the form of a photographic journal is something I’m very passionate about.

C403263F-4FD2-48FD-8343-1184A017457BPhotography is the art of observation combined with perception.  My photography is about what I observe through my eyes and heart, using the camera as my tool.   I strive to capture images about life around me; nature and it’s wonders, the oddities, the beautiful, the wild, the tamed, the misunderstood, the old and the young, all of it with feeling and soul flowing through without words.

Just the Three of Us



As I tell my grandchildren, “I can freeze time.  What’s your superpower?”


The Ace of Hearts

There’s a story inside each one of us.  My grandparents were the rock of my foundation.  Their influence on me runs deep.  Many times in my adult life I’ve thought to myself, “why didn’t I listen more intently to their stories, life lessons, to what they loved in life, what their passions were, what was it that made them who they were, etc.

Concaved Mountain side

Mom Enjoying Daytona Beach

My desire to document life through photography came the day my first grandson was born. During the first several months of his life, changed me and the way I view life.

At Home

Sharing my love of nature, wildlife, and the other things in life that make up who I am with my children and grandchildren means more to me with each passing year.

Beauty in the Mountains

Seagull SoldiersSeeing life through my lens will hopefully enlighten my precious daughters and grandchildren one day.

Hello Granny

My stories will be documented through my lens.

Lasting Bond

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